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At the age of 25, Max Middelbosch bought, together with his wife Ans, his first Harley-Davidson.
It was an 'Electra Glide', which he liked because of its style, sound and character.
Together they started riding through Europe, many times to destinations in far communist east.
And a lifelong passion was born.

At this point the collection exist of about 150 American motorcycles, mostly Harley-Davidson and Indian.
The American motorcycle which is still produced and was produced the most, is Harley-Davidson, so this motorcycle is best precented in the collection. but motorcycles such as Ace, Excelsior, Henderson, Thor, Rikuo, Super X and Mabeco are also exhibited in the museum.
The museum gives an overview of American motorcycles produced between the beginning of 1900 to the 1980's.

That Max Middelbosch has a unique collection, shows from the fact that a big part of his collection was exhibited on the European 'Open Road Tour' in 2003. The event was organized for the 100th birthday of the Harley-Davidson Motor company.


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Movie of the museum

Movie of the museum

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Restaurant Taveerne Tivoli

Next to the museum.



American Motorcycle Repair
Raalte, het Motorparadijs

We are open on friday, saterday and on special events on sunday.


WestCord hotel Salland


On the left side of the museum is since 2010 the WestCord Hotel, here you can order a special arrangement in combination with the museum.

Hotel Country House


If you are planning your refreshment in ecological corner of Poland.
If you are looking for unforgettable impressions and nice atmosphere.

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